How To Test Your Toilet for Leaks

March 15, 2018

Your toilet gets a lot of use so it’s not surprising for it to show signs of normal wear-and-tear. One of the most common bathroom problems is a toilet that keeps running after you flush. This is a sign that your toilet might have a leak. If left untreated, it could run up your water bill. Before you spend money on a new toilet, it’s best to test it!

Typically, toilet leaks start in the fill tank. Sometimes it’s easy to tell that your toilet is leaking. But oftentimes, water can flow silently and undetected. Here is a simple test you can do to see if your toilet flapper is leaking and continuing to trigger the fill valve to refill the tank.

How To Test Your Toilet for Leaks

  • Remove the toilet tank lid.
  • Put a few drops of food coloring into the tank.
  • Let it sit for 25 minutes and do not flush.
  • Look inside the bowl. If you see colored water, then you have a leak.
  • Check to see if the flapper has debris built up around it.
  • If not, replace the flapper.

If that doesn’t seem to find the problem, check the water level inside the tank. Is the water level above the overflow pipe? If so, the fill valve and ballcock aren’t working correctly and the height will need to be adjusted.

Taking the time to try this simple food coloring test and checking the fill valve can save you from having to buy a new toilet and paying for a high water bill. You might get lucky and only have to replace a couple parts!

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