Wichita Gas Line Repair & Service

Reddi Plumbing provides expert service for gas line installation and repair. We can troubleshoot and assist with gas lines for furnaces, fireplaces, kitchen ranges, and more. Services is available 24/7.

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Gas lines are dangerous and we encourage all home and business owners to contact a licensed plumber for gas line repairs. Our plumbers and technicians are highly trained, licensed and insured. Always exercise extreme caution when working around gas.

Gas Service in Wichita

If you need new gas service or if you have questions related to gas that are not also directly related to plumbing/gas systems inside your home or business, you can contact Kansas Gas Service via their website.

City Codes

Many gas line installations and repairs require approval by cities and municipalities. It is important you plumbing systems conform to local code, and that all required inspections have been passed. A licensed plumber can assist you with this process. For questions about construction, gas codes and local ordinances contact the Sedgwick County MABCD: Sedgwick County – Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department

What to do in Case of a Gas Leak

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak exit the property right away, then contact Kansas Gas by calling 888-482-4950 or 911.

Natural gas is highly flammable and can ignite unpredictably. Do not open windows or use any electronics including mobile phones, computers, light switches and appliances when in the area of a suspected leak.

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