Burst Pipe

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

January 6, 2021

Kansas usually include some amount of bitter cold and temperatures well below freezing. Freezing temperatures can cause unprotected water lines to freeze, creating a big mess and costly damage if... View Article

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals

April 29, 2020

What can you put in the Garbage Disposal? There are many myths about is and isn’t safe for a garbage disposal, the truth is modern models can handle just about... View Article

Sump Pump

How to Test Your Sump Pump

February 23, 2020

Spring and fall often mean heavy rain in the Wichita area. It’s important to test your sump pump periodically during the rainy months to prevent a flooded basement and water... View Article

Sump Pump Hose

Do I Need a Backup Sump Pump?

February 23, 2020

The short answer: Do you “need” a backup sump pump? No.Is a backup sump pump recommended? Yes. Why? A backup pump could prevent water from overflowing your sump pump pit,... View Article

Hot Water Heater

How to Flush a Water Heater

December 27, 2019

Quick and Easy Water Heater Flush You can prolong the life of your hot water heater by periodically flushing the appliance. Over time sediment settles in the bottom of the... View Article