Professional Drain Cleaning Versus Home Remedies

February 6, 2024

When do you call a plumber for a clogged drain? Home remedies are inexpensive, so try those first. If you have persistent issues, a professional will provide more long-term solutions.

Chemical drain cleaners, plungers, and drain snakes sometimes only remove a portion of the debris/residue causing the clog in your your pipe. Leaving too much sludge behind can cause another drain clog in a short period of time. Here are some advantages of professional drain cleaning versus home remedies.

Effectiveness of Home Drain Remedies

Many home drain cleaning remedies are very effective. Try these simple options for a clogged drain first.

  • Plungers – Effective for sinks and toilets. For standing water, a plunger can get things moving again.
  • Dish Soap & Hot Water – Slowly pouring a few tablespoons of dish soap mixed with a gallon of hot water can remove grease and debris clogs in your sink.
  • Baking Soda & Vinegar – Put a 1/2 cup of baking soda in the clogged drain, then add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Allow this to sit for about an hour, the run a couple of pots boiling water down the drain.

If these home remedies don’t help the issue, and stronger chemical may work. Just remember, persistent issues may require a plumber.

Health and Safety

Drain cleaners purchased from the store can offer a quick fix and a sense of instant gratification. However, these products are highly toxic, so use with caution.

  • The fumes will linger long after use which can cause eye, nose and lung irritation.
  • Drain cleaners may irritate or burn skin.
  • Chemicals may be harmful to garbage disposals (see owner’s manual).
  • Chemicals in drain cleaners can deteriorate some pipe material.

Expense Comparison

Calling a professional to your home to perform any service can be costly. However, preventative maintenance is necessary for your plumbing and can actually save you money in the long run.

Home remedies often work, but they may only provide temporary clog relief, leaving debris in the pipes that you can’t see. If a clog isn’t fully cleared, home remedies will have to be repeated. If you are dealing with the same clogs over and over, an expert may be able to find the root cause. Hidden pipe damage or major clogs can lead to larger expenses later. Avoiding long-term use of harsh chemicals, and addressing potentially major clogs early is the best way to avoid costly repairs.

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